I was born in The Netherlands in 1965 and still live here with much pleasure.

Since 2000, I'm interested in SLR photography and in 2003 I acquired my first digital SLR camera.

I'm an amateur photographer enjoying the taking and processing of all kinds of photos. For me there's no real specialty. In my galleries you'll find landscapes, portraits, cities, wildlife and nature.

Portraits are a main interest. This is however not yet reflected in my galleries.

In 2006 I got my 2 flash studio set-up. Because of the lack of a real studio, the set doesn't get used very often.

Besides photography, I'm a real Mac admirer. All photo processing and archiving is done with my iMac using Adobe Lightroom.

Ever since the first release of Adobe Lightroom I'm a real fan of this great piece of software.  I use it for my complete workflow and archiving purposes.

This website and the corresponding galleries are present to share my photos through the internet.  Enjoy the galleries and drop me an email whenever you want to share your comments with me.

Recent galleries

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New York 2008

Sailing CWO1

Popkoor Binnenstebuiten